Miss Representation: Impact on Real Women

Siebel Newsom began making the film when she got pregnant with her daughter. “I wanted my daughter or son to live in a world where women are valued,” she says.

The documentary harnesses a montage of clips, interviews, and statistics to show that women are being depicted on TV and online as poorly as ever, with dangerous potential side effects for girls sitting on the other side of the screen.




Feminist Barbie?

The newly released Barbie Ad gives hints that Mattel are starting to follow feminist footsteps. Mattel is ready to challenge stereotypical ideas people have about Barbie and are aiming to show her in a different light. Its aim is that it will appease feminists who have long criticised Barbie’s achievable figure and ‘dumb blonde’ attitude. 

 The ad shows young girls in the role of aspiring careers like a vet, lecturer, business woman. This kicks off Mattel’s latest campaign for the iconic dolls to be presented as more successful with careers. Although the title of the ad “Imagine the Possibilities” seems inspirational, Mattel still are presenting women wrong.

I have to admit the advert is heart-warming and lacks the familiar avalanche of pink as in its past Barbie ads. It is great to see that Mattel are moving towards making Barbie a slightly better role model by striving for intellectual careers rather than focusing more on fashion, beauty and men.

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The ‘F Word’ Explained

The F Word. A word that flies around the media these days like a disease, causing men to feel uncomfortable at the sound of it and women to quickly disown it. A lot of information out there (most of it being judgemental, misinformed or false) represents this  to be seen almost as ‘dirty word’ and in an incorrect light.


In today’s society it’s almost seen as a crime to let the words ‘I’m a feminist’ slip from your lips. In the judgemental society we live in, it has led to many people becoming hesitant to discuss their concerns, needs and desires as they are fearful of what others might think. In the free country we live in, it should not be this way! Everyone has the right to express their voice and interrogate the ways of society. Why should we be fearful to express them?

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