Woman’s rights have came along way. background – vote, jobs, roles,

The name of my blog is “breaking the mould” as my aim is to make a stand. I want to break what has been accepted over the last few years and show the representation of women is wrong.

Although many less developed countries still suffer from huge gender equality. Still today in the modern society we live in today women are still seen as treat with equality. The main cause of gender inequality today is the media. The representation of women through the media is false. It creates females and males to think in a certain way about women, almost brainwashing them.  Also many women feel the need to copy certain behaviours and styles due to the media’s expression of female celebrities.

The media has a strong influential impact on us. Without us realising the media presents certain ideologies that we all just accept.

The aim of this blog is to educate people how the media is impacting on  gender equality. I am aiming to help reinforce that the media posts are not all realistic views and ways of living. This is to help make awareness of how unfairly women are presented in the media and hows its impacting younger generations.


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